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I could be that slim if I was stretched out as tall as her. I actually prefer being curvy and a lot of people like me being curvy!

😁 I find British cyclist Laura Trott more attractive, mainly because she and my beautiful girlfriend look similar. 😄 I don't think Laura wears glasses only safety glasses when cycling. They are both brilliant athletes and also they are both genuinely nice people and I hope that they have a long and happy marriage (they were offered a large amount of money by a magazine for exclusive photos of their wedding. They don't want to be celebrities they just want to be Mr and Mrs Kenny living quietly in their cottage in the countryside with their dogs. talks about deciding to wear glasses in competition: tried contacts, she explained, but they made my eyeballs dry, and when I got stuff in my eyes, I had to take them out and put them back in.

20, 1992 Birthplace: Moscow, RUS Resides: Moscow, RUS Saitova, Hannah Russell, the GB Paralympic swimmer was wearing her myodisc glasses today in pictures covering Team GB returning from Rio.

Would extreme myopia be enough to earn a Paralympic classification?

Surely one would have to be classified as "legally blind", i.e. She swims in the S12 and S13 categories but the definition of these seems quite vague from what I can find out.

One of the people involved is Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, age 51, who won many tournaments on the women's pro tour when there was one. v=g71t MIAc G6Q Looks like she is moderately nearsighted. Lv2c4i , In news clips of the USA soccer/football team being congratulated by the president for their world cup win, the coach was sporting some spex that were never seen on the sidelines.

Sometime in the previous decade, she and her younger sister Cathy Dorin-Lizzi were given a major makeover that was featured on a TV show. I have not seen Cathy with glasses since, but Carolyn wears small, plastic, rectangular glasses all the time in the videos, and in the few times I have seen her on TV in the past several years. Before that, she wore glasses only when bowling, as she was somewhat nearsighted. Wonder if there are piks of any of the players wearing glasses?

Don't know about the bottle version of her blond hair, normally brunette . itok=-Libm Jrz Pseldonymov , Aleksandra Raeva Newer glasses DK/? taken-by=aleraeva Pseldonymov , Aleksandra Raeva Birthdate: Aug.itok=42f9dgdm Intuitions/2012/03/12/1630247_pte-1203084454.jpg? article=20120313-1001630247&aaaammjj=20120313 Pseldonymov , Cloptre Darleux Qwerty , Thanks Julian, there was one image where i wasnt sure as the lens seemed to get stronger toward the outside. I like his glasses, I don't care for the goatee, and I enjoyed his performance over the weekend against the Phillies -- 1 for 9. gwgs , Therouteur - I can't seem to access the video you referred to in your post. , Nascar driver Kurt Busch wearing a pair of glasses with plus lenses tonight at the Richmond race.If you Google images of her she is quite clearly wearing contact lenses when she swims and so I wonder what exactly she can see and how much it impairs her ability to swim.I notice that swimmers in the S11 category wear blacked out goggles so they are all completely blind while swimming.

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