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Netherlands,1dejo8,"Congratulations to your New king, Love Norway.",204,33,60, been watching the hole shenenigans on You Tube, even wore orange.

1356960942.0,172,quickmeme.com,15q0ri, Ik vraag het me echt af,224,52,39, False, Fv-v-Td AKCt.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_15q0ri, 1369845227.0,166,i.imgur.com,1f9ysj, Jupiler reageert op winactie,197,31,21, False, B_g_zl Nf Rb U.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1f9ysj, Br FSLk.png, 1365354993.0,163,i.imgur.com,1buzxy, Deze week een ton gewonnen,213,50,29, False, PGtqb KWZ-23629.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1buzxy, W.jpg, 1359392366.0,166,pbs.twimg.com,17fpng, Dikke doei!

Our room is directly connected the the sister's room and the parents' room - and the walls seem to be made of paper!

Especially during the night, you can hear a pin drop. Apparently she grew up hearing her parents' headboard slam against the wall - fine, but as far as I know, my own parents never ever have sex and never did.

Ever since we've passed the point of 'yeah, we're serious', I've been joining my girlfriend on her weekend returns to her parents' place.

This is two hours away by train so we stay there Friday and/or Saturday nights.

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On Monday I will arrive in Amsterdam where I will spend a week before travelling to Vught to set myself up for a long cycling/couch surfing trip around the country.

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As I am unfamiliar with the worth of bike gear and Euros.1.jpg, 1370859322.0,219,i.imgur.com,1g1cnf, De Speld: delen met de CIA.,269,50,17, False, Egbx7t Rno5GAn.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1g1cnf, Qx2.png, 1373389146.0,214,com,1hy0tp,xkcd's calculations show that an ocean drain is all we need to rule the world.,233,19,42, False, Idimzh Tz PQDjx S8.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1hy0tp, 1354545129.0,200,imgur.com,1478v1, Brace yourselves...,250,50,56, False, O7Dj5Bl3d I.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1478v1, 1354118123.0,188,funstreetart.tumblr.com,13xrkr, An Arriva train spraypainted in the colors of competitor NS (Dutch Railways) = awesome,208,20,20, False, KKHMbz Xs E.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_13xrkr, 1365762196.0,184,imgur.com,1c75f1, Change of Thrones,208,24,24, False, UY-u Fxyd Ac.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1c75f1, R6Aw G, 1369769365.0,180,imgur.com,1f7umg, Betreft prijs win Jupiler sms & win Actie (kwam langs in mijn facebook feed),218,38,57, False, U7k.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1f7umg, Gvf BBG, 1347537235.0,181,i.imgur.com,ztgau, International Heineken advert gets the dutch sentence wrong...,198,17,52, False, Pr6KK76H2q.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_ztgau, Pm TV.jpg, 1356644835.0,178,i.imgur.com,15jeki,"I see what you did there, Aldi.",211,33,16, False, Fs2A0M2_o Yp.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_15jeki, 1361047467.0,175,youtube.com,18nkm4, The Haarlem Shake,211,36,27, False, QZfo Ea7lg.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_18nkm4,feature=player_embedded&v=Yn Oyw K0MVEk, 1367304335.0,173,i.imgur.com,1deb6w, Nederlandse Google doodle 30/04/2013,197,24,4, False, Zlpc Xwis Mk M.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1deb6w, IUGq Nh.png, 1344331816.0,171,thewanderingdutchman.files.wordpress.com,xte4c, The World according to the Netherlands,218,47,41, False, FXk1u3Mgg E_b-DB.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_xte4c, 1338808968.0,174,imgur.com,uk1mf, The weather today: some local showers,187,13,31, False, False,,, False,t3_uk1mf, VF, 1367319667.0,171,self.,216,66,14, False, False,,, False,t3_1fh7up, S0k.jpeg, 1322748572.0,147,quickmeme.com,mw4fc, I think most of the dutchies will share my opinion.,174,27,75, False, GR6r P9Gwt Et.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_mw4fc, 1354024042.0,146,imgur.com,13vf9z, Anus burger (PLUS supermarkt),171,25,13, False, TZC7QYJRblc Qv.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_13vf9z, CZh V, 1348265430.0,149,i.imgur.com,109ri9, Project X samengevat,159,10,54, False, NAXksi Ln9LKGY9.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_109ri9, Zo.jpg, 1370462190.0,150,imgur.com,1fqqnr,"As a kid, this was the scariest show on TV [FIXED]",176,26,44, False, Yg35myys_7Gejd.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1fqqnr, Jxy19, 1366541094.0,143,i.imgur.com,1cslom, Heel Nederland haalt opgelucht adem... ,160,17,7, False, DV0.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1cslom, IE7.jpg, 1376683521.0,141,i.imgur.com,1kibnr, Toot Toot!In de tram naar mijn meest favoriete dorpen in Noorwegen.,168,27,12, False, Ta U.jpg,t5_2r0ol, False,,, False,t3_1kibnr, VL81w.jpg, 1368008977.0,137,i.imgur.com,1dxabr, Iedereen mag mee!

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