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And in spite of the new technologies designed to connect us, much of our communication has been reduced to the equivalent of text messaging.We are stretched to the limit, with little energy for our personal lives.The challenge automatically stimulates the production of testosterone, the "male" hormone that contributes to a man's sense of power and well-being.As relationship routine sets in, and the challenge in the relationship decreases, however, his testosterone levels naturally decrease.While some couples experience increasing tension, others have just given up, sweeping their emotional needs under the carpet. Our greatest challenge is to acknowledge that men and women cope with stress differently, and that the kinds of support we require to relieve that stress differ radically.What helps men release relationship-damaging stress can be the opposite of what helps women feel better.First published in 1992 - the relationship book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was an instant international bestseller.

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A woman experiences more energy, happiness, flexibility and attraction for her partner when her oxytocin levels rise.I am very proud to have been mentioned by The Borough Council of Caldwell!Last week, at Caldwell's Annual Re-Organization Meeting, Mayor Ann Dassing talked about the Caldwell Public Library's 100th Centennial and its Time Capsule event.So, if you're too tired for sex, feel the woman in your life does nothing but nag, feel you're 'doing it all' with little help from your partner, or are frustrated because your husband doesn't listen - read on.In the past 50 years, life has become so much more complicated.

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