Fat guy tinder dating site

She’s had comments like “your cleavage looks so soft” and "your bum thigh area looks very warm" and very soon after starting conversations.

Meg has been treated differently for her size and once had a date with a man where she had great sex with him but he never called her back and then she saw that he included on his profile that all matches must have a full length picture included.

I’ve had men ask for pictures of me in my underwear not even 30 mins into a conversation or ask me if I “suck dick” because they know other big girls who like that.

I’ve gone on quite a few dates with some of the men who don’t outrightly sexualise me or treat me differently at first because of my size but I’ve often seen some disappointed faces when they finally see me in real life.

She’s also dated other men from dating sites who seemed less than happy with her body and brought it up often or who were visibly unhappy about it.

“Then I dated a guy off of POF (Plenty Of Fish) who wound up being a controlling jerk but really poured on the I love yous and brought up my size a lot.

I’ve had guys on Tinder match with me and immediately message and ask if I want to have sex with them or engage in sexting.

If I say no, then they either unmatch me or insult me physically. READ MORE: I tried 3 different dating apps – here’s what I've learnt When I decided to write this, I decided to ask my Twitter fam about their dating experiences and I got quite a few responses from many different women around the world.

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You’re exposing yourself to being judged purely on your looks (no matter how witty and clever your actual bio is) and matching with people (and here I mostly mean men.And she found there was always an assumption that big girls don’t have relationships.“The thing I found most puzzling was that when they received a polite rejection they turned nasty and made it all about my looks.Could this be due to the relative anonymity of dating profiles?Does not actually having to look into our eyes as they say things about our bodies make them a little bolder? Society is still largely fat phobic even with things like the body positivity movement and companies using plus-sized models to represent their brands. Have you had similar dating experiences as a fat woman?

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