Dating a girl from a broken home

hildren from a broken family are often misunderstood.Judged as being different, some people taught they are difficult to deal with.Mark came from a broken home; his parents divorced in his teens but the buildup happened for much of his life.I am not from a broken home, but I did have a difficult childhood, which manifests in my personality in a similar way.

They believe they can succeed with or without help. Being in a dysfunctional family opens many options and opportunities for them to work on.Here’s why: We were hugely disappointed by people we loved.As a result, we weren’t going to just jump in and give over our souls without some reservations.That’s a long dating period, I realize, partly because it’s his second marriage and my third, and we met later in life.I’m 55 and he’s 65 now, so taking our time wasn’t as big a deal as it might have in our 20s or 30s – no ticking biological clock.

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